The UMM advisory council held its first meeting in February of 2006. The council was a first step in establishing an organizational structure out of which an inner city mission could be started. In October of 2006, it was determined that UMM would begin an outreach work in Baltimore city, Maryland by the summer of 2007. The UMM advisory council established the UMM board at this time. In June of 2007, Reuben and Patty Petersheim moved their family to Baltimore. 

JCP family pics

During the first several years, the goals were to establish relationships, and to get to know the community and culture of the Baltimore area. In those first years, Reuben taught in the public school system as a way to financially support his family. Patty invited neighbors to a play group for the purpose of developing relationships with local mothers and children. Together, they held a Bible study with neighbors every other week. For four years, they and the board worked at figuring out how to operate and fund a Christian school in the city.

In the fall of 2011, our first school was started. Hampden Christian School began with five students and 3 full time teachers. Today we serve many families who live in the neighborhood where the school is located, and our teachers live. The school also has a daycare that cares for infants through 4 year olds. Our elementary school offers grades K-8. The majority of our patrons are not from a Mennonite background, but many of them are Christian. We do have a number of families from a variety of religious backgrounds.