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2021-22 Capital Projects

Our new mezzanine area is used heavily and gets rather hot on warm days. We can install a mini-split AC unit for $8,000

One of our staff houses needs its rubber roof replaced. Four of our staff ladies live here. $7,000

The floor in our kitchen and surrounding areas is worn and ugly. We’d like to replace the flooring. $7,000

Our gym is a converted sanctuary with beautiful acoustics. Acoustic dampening would help teachers be
heard. $5,000

The floor is plywood at this point and presents a fall hazard with climbing toys. We would like a section of rubberized flooring. $2,500

This gym is spacious and could use more play equipment. We want to start with a climber. $2,000

We have a replacement fire alarm system designed and equipment purchased. We need this equipment installed. $3,500