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God has led UMM to the city of Williamsport in the endeavor of furthering Christian education in urban areas. With 13 neighborhoods and a population of around 29,000, Williamsport is considered a medium-sized city and is located midway between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia and just north of Harrisburg. (Comparatively, Baltimore is home to 602,500 people in 300 neighborhoods.) UMM will locate in the Newberry neighborhood, which is located on the western end of the city of Williamsport.

UMM plans to first begin a preschool and daycare and later add an elementary school. There happens to be a prime building located in Newberry which was formerly used for a daycare and an elementary school. This building boasts approximately 30,000 square feet, including a parsonage, an auditorium that will be used as an indoor play area, as well as a full basement with a kitchen area. The school portion of the building has about six classrooms on each of its two floors. The building comes complete with low sinks and toilets that will be appropriate for preschool children. The community is eager for daycare services and the building is zoned appropriately.

Currently, Newberry Christian Fellowship owns the building. (NCF congregation holds services in another church building which they also own.) UMM has reached an agreement with NCF to purchase the school
building. Our goal is to raise $260,000 by Jan 30, 2020. These funds will cover 100% of the cost of the property as well as initial start-up costs. We want to purchase this property without any debt. We invite you to
pray that God would provide the funds for this capital project. If you choose to contribute, donations should be earmarked “building fund.” Donations can be submitted online via the PayPal link on our website, or checks
can be sent to the Baltimore address.

Our goal is to begin working on the building no later than March of 2020. Much of this will involve painting, deep cleaning, and some minor renovations. We will be looking for someone to work on the heating system as it is quite dated. We are accepting individuals and small groups to work on the building beginning in March. We plan to open the school in September of 2020.
UMM will also be looking for teachers to work at the school. At this point we are planning to hire three full time
teachers to work in the daycare. We are currently in the process of seeking and hiring a director for the school
in Williamsport.

Reuben Petersheim

Projected cost is $260,000. Donate using the button below, or mail a check marked "Williamsport Building Purchase" to Urban Mennonite Ministries, 1234 W 36th St, Baltimore, MD, 21211. 

If you wish to donate anonymously,  please make the check payable to Anabaptist Foundation with "Urban Mennonite Ministries--Williamsport Building" on the memo line. Mail to Anabaptist Foundation, 1245 Old Route 15, New Columbia, PA 17856.

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